San Antonio Airport Terminals

San Antonio Airport (SAT), has two Terminals. Terminal A (TA) and Terminal B (TB). Both terminals are located in the same building but there are separate check-in counters and security control.


Terminal A

It has 17 gates named from A1 to A17 but just fifteen gates are used.

Gates hosts the following airlines:

- A2-A4: Delta Airlines

- A5: Alaska

- A6: InterJet / Frontier

- A7: AeroMéxico

- A8: Allegiant / Volaris / Frontier

- A9 - A14: Southwest

- A15, A17: American

Terminal A hosts most of the international flights.


Terminal B

It has gates from B1 to B8. It only operates with two airlines: United and American Airlines.

- Gates: B1, B3, B5, B7, B8: United Airlines

- Gates: B2, B4: American Airlines.